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Women's Participation And Empowerment Are Fundamental Rights Of Women, Which Enable Women To Take Control Of Their Lives And Make An Impact In Society. Women Often Face Discrimination And Gender Inequalities, With Some Women Experiencing Multiple Discrimination And Exclusion Due To Factors Such As Background Or Race. Skills Training, For Example, Is Being Driven By Vocational Training For Girls. Vocational Education And Training Is The Essential Mechanism Of Any Strategy For Improving Farm And Nonproductive Productivity That Improves Rural Income. Skill Is The Bridge Between The Job And The Workforce. Women Often Require Different Training Than Men, In Addition To Handling Their Domestic Work And Care Responsibilities, As Family Workers, Subsistence Farmers, Home-Based Microbes, Or Low-Paid Seasonal Laborers. Are More Likely To Work As A Contributor To. Skill Development Is Very Important For Improving Domestic Productivity, Employment And Income-Earning Opportunities For Women And For Sustained Rural Development And Livelihoods.


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